Civil War Novels

Bahr, Howard The Black Flower
  Basso, Hamilton The Light Infantry Ball
  Brooks, Geraldine March
  Chiaverini, Jennifer Union Quilters
  Dallas, Sandra Alice's Tulips
  Doctorow, E.L. The March
  Frazier, Charles Cold Mountain
  Hicks, Robert A Separate Country
  Hicks, Robert Widow of the South
  Jakes, John Civil War trilogy (North & South,
Love & War, Heaven & Hell)
  Killan, Michael Harrison Raines mysteries
  McMillan, Ann Dead March, Angel Trumpet,
Civil Blood, Chickahominy Fever
  Mitchell, Margaret Gone with the Wind
  O'Connor, Joseph Redemption Falls
  Oliveira, Robin My Name Is Mary Sutter
  Olmstead, Robert Coal Black Horse
  Parry, Owen Series (Abel Jones mysteries)
  Thane, Elswyth Yankee Stranger
  Willis, Connie Lincoln's Dreams
  Wright, Stephen Amalgamation Polka

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