Foodie Mysteries

Albert, Susan Wittig China Bayles mysteries
  Bishop, Claudia Hemlock Falls Mysteries
  Bliss, Miranda Cooking Class Mysteries
  Carl, Joanna (AKA Eve Sandstrom) Chocoholic Mysteries
  Carter, Sammi Candy Shop Mysteries
  Childs, Laura Cackleberry Club mysteries
  Childs, Laura Tea Shop mysteries
  Conant-Park, Jessica Gourmet Girl Mysteries
  Coyle, Cleo Coffeehouse Mysteries
  Crawford, Isis Mysteries with Recipes series featuring Libby and Bernie Simmons
  Davidson, Diane Mott Goldy Bear Mysteries
  Fairbanks, Nancy Carolyn Blue Mysteries
  Fluke, Joanne Hannah Swensen Mysteries
  Greenwood, Kerry Corinna Chapman Mysteries
  Hall, Katherine Page Faith Fairchild Mysteries
  Hyzy, Julie White House Chef Mysteries
  McKinlay, Jenn Cupcake Bakery Mysteries
  Myers, Tamar The Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries
  Pickard, Nancy and Virginia Rich Eugenia Potter Mysteries
  Temple, Lou Jane Heaven Lee Mysteries

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